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You'll get immediate access to:

  • Invest Like The 0.01%: The Billionaire's Playbook

  • The Ultimate Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist

  • The Ultimate Crypto Due Diligence Checklist

  • The Investment Freedom Calculator

  • IRA vs. Roth: Tax Calculator

  • Easy Tax Prep Checklist

  • Ultimate Crypto Tax Prep Guide

Wish Your Money Could Work Harder for You?

If you do, you're not alone.

Like many, you might be seeking ways to grow your portfolio, exploring different investment avenues. Yet, despite your efforts, the results may not be meeting your expectations.

Many investment strategies can be time-consuming, confusing, or simply not yield the returns you're aiming for, leaving you looking for a change.

You're looking for a solution, something that can change your financial situation.

Navigating today's market is challenging to say the least, most investors go through struggles like:

  • Not knowing how to generate a steady passive income.

  • Struggling with how to diversify investments effectively.

  • Fear of making expensive investment mistakes.

  • Over paying on thousands of dollars on taxes .

  • Fear of falling prey to investment scams.

Does this sound like your experience?

Introducing the Wealth Building Toolkit – a comprehensive guide designed to revolutionize your approach to investments.

Developed by seasoned experts, this tools offers you a clear, step-by-step process to make smarter investment choices that aim to generate consistent passive income.

Learn from leading investment professionals how to efficiently manage your funds and maximize returns, even on a modest budget.

The toolkit is your key to unlocking a more prosperous financial future.

The Wealth Building Toolkit Will Help You:

  • Easily understand how to invest correctly to generate passive income.

  • Learn the best tax optimization strategies.

  • Gain insights from successful investment models.

  • Implement due diligence processes like the 1% of investors.

  • Improve your financial decision-making skills.

  • Achieve financial goals faster and more efficiently.

For $7 You'll Receive:

TOOL #1:

Invest Like The 0.01%: The Billionaire's Playbook

Dive into the world of elite investing with 'Invest Like The 0.01%: The Billionaire's Playbook'.

This guide reveals the investment secrets of the world's wealthiest offering an opportunity to learn their strategies.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll learn:

  • Mastering Risk Management: Understand the art of balancing risk and reward as practiced by top billionaires.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation: Learn how the ultra-wealthy diversify their portfolios to optimize returns.

  • Long-Term Wealth Building: Uncover the secrets of sustaining and growing wealth over generations.

  • Leveraging Economic Cycles: Learn to navigate and profit from various economic cycles like a seasoned investor.

  • Crisis Management Strategies: Learn how the ultra-rich manage their portfolios during economic downturns and crises.

TOOL #2:

The Ultimate Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist

This checklist will help you avoid costly mistakes that can make your life a living hell and take years off your portfolio.

Knowing how to do your due diligence is one of the most important skills as an investors, and this one will guide you step by step so you invest in the right properties.

If you are into real estate already or you're thinking on diving into it, then this is a no-brainer for you.

  • Eliminate the guesswork in real estate by utilizing proven methods for risk management and return optimization.

  • Uncover hidden red flags before it's too late.

  • Stay ahead in the game with proven data-driven tactics.

TOOL #3:

The Ultimate Crypto Due Diligence Checklist

When it comes to crypto, one wrong move can wipe your portfolio overnight.

Remember Luna?

Or any of the thousands of projects that went to zero overnight?

Don't invest blindly. When it comes to crypto, doing your own due diligence is everything.

Use our checklist step-by-step to make sure you're not the last one holding the hot potato.

  • Spot a rug pull from a mile away: Learn the red flags before it's too late.

  • Avoid FOMO-Based Mistakes: Counteracts hype-driven investment traps.

  • Minimize Your Investment Risks: Minimizes exposure to fraudulent projects.

  • Uncover Hidden Gems: Identifies promising but under-the-radar opportunities.

TOOL #4:

The Investment Freedom Calculator

The goal is to make enough monthly passive income to sustain your lifestyle.

So it's not enough to have a random number in your head. You need to know how much your dream lifestyle is.

How big your portfolio needs to be? How much risk and return are you looking for?

How long will it take? And how much do you need to invest consistently to get there?

Losers fail to plan and that's why they never achieve financial freedom.

You want exact numbers and a plan to get there. This is what this tool is for.

  • Customized Portfolio Size Estimation: Discover how to assess the size your investment portfolio needs to be to achieve your goals.

  • Risk and Return Assessment: Understand how to evaluate and choose the right balance of risk and return for your investments.

  • Timeline Planning for Financial Goals: Master the skill of setting realistic timeframes for achieving financial freedom.

TOOL #5:

Tax Advantage IRA ROTH

Confused about choosing between an IRA and a ROTH for your retirement savings?

Our IRA Calculator simplifies this for you, giving you a clear picture on tax impacts and future benefits.

Make an informed choice with ease, and maximize your retirement investments without the guesswork.

  • Clear Comparison: Easily compare how much you pay on tax between your IRA and a Roth IRA.

  • Future Savings Projection: See exactly how your choice affects your retirement savings over time.

  • Optimize Retirement Funds: Helps you strategically plan for a more secure financial future.

TOOL #6:

Easy Tax Prep Checklist

Everyone must pay taxes, but you don't need to leave a tip.

This checklist ensures you're compliant, but at the same time you are safeguarding your portfolio so you can grow it faster.

Don't make a tax mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars that could go towards growing your investments instead.

  • Stress-Free Tax: Filing your taxes doesn't have to be a source of stress. This checklist makes the process fast and easy to follow.

  • Optimize Your Taxes: Avoid paying more than you need to by identifying the right deductions and credits.

  • Time Saver: No one wants to spend hours on their taxes. Cut your preparation time significantly with a streamlined process.

TOOL #7:

Ultimate Crypto Tax Prep Guide

The IRS is perfectly clear: crypto is taxed and failure to report crypto on your taxes will result in expensive fines.

Depending on the severity, you can face up to 75% of the tax due, with a maximum of $100,000 in fines ($500,000 for corporations) or up to 5 years in prison.

All this to say, if you’re thinking of risking it - don’t.

  • Avoid a $500K Mistake: Stay clear of hefty fines up to $500,000 by following our checklist.

  • Peace of Mind: Gain confidence and tranquility knowing your crypto taxes are handled correctly and legally.

  • Fast and Easy Filing: Quickly navigate through your crypto tax reporting, avoiding the complex and time-consuming pitfalls of your crypto tax filling.

20 Years Of Investment Experience In 7 Tools


Learn about Joe Robert's incredible rise from a brick & mortar business owner to a successful entrepreneur and investor.

  1. Manager of Robert Ventures & 20+ years of alternative asset investing.

  1. Manager of digital asset portfolio for over 5 years.

  1. Acquired over 200 properties and managed 165mm of mortgages.

  1. Managed a distressed mortgage fund.

  1. Led multiple real estate partnerships.

  1. Limited Partner in multiple notable venture blockchain funds.

20 yrs

Track Record




Tech Investments



Hi–I’m Joe Robert. I help investors increase net worth by compounding knowledge.

Dear Investor,

Being an investor is about more than wealth—it's about shaping your future.

We believe in investing with intention, focusing on long-term goals, not just short-term gains.

Our question isn't just “how can I grow my wealth?”, but “how can this wealth build the life I envision?”

It's about strategic, informed choices, not just accumulation.

Our approach is balanced and thoughtful, blending risk and opportunity for sustainable growth.

Sometimes our journey is a solo venture, but often we thrive in a community of like-minded investors, mentors, and financial experts.

At the core, our mission is clear:

Secure financial freedom to realize our dreams and make decisions that matter.

Building dreams and bridging markets, a personal tale of Growth and Innovation

Joe Robert - Robert Ventures CEO.

Over two decades ago, I got started in real estate. Yes, I was only 19 then, and this was back when entrepreneurship wasn't cool (it was called 'self-employed'). It was the skills I accumulated in my teenage years by providing services as a landscaper and contractor that led me into the real estate sector.

My Investment Journey Over The Years


Then, in 2006, the market crashed. So, at that time, I had to devote more of my time back to contracting services, and I decided a few years later that I would sell all my equipment and be forced to hire teams to do the remodels on properties I started acquiring again.


It was in 2011 that one of my private lenders started to hear about buying distressed mortgages. As you can imagine, there were mountains of debt for sale in the markets with the subprime meltdown in the 2000s. So I partnered with two other investors, and we started buying non-performing 2nd mortgages across the US for pennies on the dollar.


Then in 2014 I boldly moved from PA to Puerto Rico to enjoy the sunshine, beach, and tax benefits. One partner also decided to make the move, and we would go on to buy REOs across the island and non-performing mortgages over the next six years.


In 2017, I would end up meeting investors in Web3/Crypto and get to understand how this technology would have an impact in twenty years. So, I decided to start allocating capital here and testing the waters, and I have been investing ever since.Also, while in Puerto Rico, I got married, and we had two fantastic boys. We decided in 2019 that it would be best for us to be back stateside. So, we made the move to Raleigh, NC.


I started acquiring lots in the highly desirable Outer Banks of North Carolina. The purchase was eight soundfront lots in an area where kiteboarders hit the water daily.Throughout 2019 I also allocated capital to a partnership that acquired 54 properties throughout Puerto Rico.


Throughout 2020, I also allocated capital to a partnership that acquired 34 first-position mortgages. That venture would go and acquire about 43 properties that year too. Robert Ventures was founded by myself after having partners over the last decade.


I continue to acquire lots to build new homes in the Outer Banks. We also applied for REG A offering with the SEC. We are looking to allow all of our friends to join us on the investing journey. Allocated capital to the crypto market while the prices rebounded from a long, drawn-out bear market.


Position Your Portfolio for 2025, Receive Massive Tax Breaks, and Avoid Costly Investment Mistakes!

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What you get:

  • Invest Like The 0.01%: The Billionaire's Playbook: This guide reveals the investment secrets of the world's wealthiest offering an opportunity to learn their strategies.

  • The Ultimate Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist: This checklist will help you avoid costly mistakes that can make your life a living hell and take years off your portfolio.

  • The Ultimate Crypto Due Diligence Checklist: Don't invest blindly. When it comes to crypto, doing your own due diligence is everything.

  • The Investment Freedom Calculator: Discover how to assess the size your investment portfolio needs to be to achieve your goals.

  • Tax Advantage IRA ROTH: Our IRA Calculator simplifies this for you, giving you a clear picture on tax impacts and future benefits.

  • Easy Tax Prep Checklist: This checklist ensures you're compliant, but at the same time you are safeguarding your portfolio so you can grow it faster.

  • Ultimate Crypto Tax Prep Guide: Stay clear of hefty fines up to $500,000 by following our checklist.

And for $27 you'll get the Premium Expansion that includes:

  • Early retirement Manifesto: Maximize your passive cashflow for a luxury retirement

  • Cryptocurrency Investing: Step-By-Step Guide to Benefit from Crypto by Investing Long Term Following the Smart Money

  • Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes

  • Future-Proof Investing: Win the next decade

  • Logic > Emotion Investing: a structure plan and processes to remove emotion from your investments and maximize for compound returns.

  • How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate

  • Double-Digit Secrets: How to find the opportunities of the next decade for double digit returns

Frequently Asked Questions

How time-consuming is the application of these strategies?

The application of strategies within the Wealth Building Toolkit is designed to be time-efficient.

You can thoroughly review all the content in approximately 1-2 hours.

Inputting your information into the provided toolkits should take around an hour.

While the due diligence process for each investment might require a few hours, this is significantly more efficient than traditional methods, potentially saving you several days or weeks of work typically required for thorough due diligence.

This streamlined approach allows for effective time management while ensuring comprehensive investment analysis.

Do I need prior investment knowledge to use this toolkit effectively?

The Wealth Building Toolkit is tailored to provide maximum value to beginner investors, making it an excellent resource for those new to the investment world.

It simplifies complex concepts and strategies, making them accessible to novices.

However, experienced investors can also benefit significantly from the toolkit.

It offers advanced insights and methodologies to refine their investment processes, enhance due diligence efforts, and optimize tax strategies and fund positioning.

This makes the toolkit a versatile resource for investors at all levels of experience.

What if I have a limited investment budget?

The Wealth Building Toolkit is especially beneficial if you have a limited investment budget.

It's designed to help you maximize your current budget, focusing on strategies that can enhance your investment efficiency.

More importantly, the toolkit provides guidance on how to grow your initial investment, which can accelerate the process of increasing your passive income.

This approach makes it a valuable resource for those looking to optimize their investments, regardless of the size of their starting budget.

Are there any ongoing costs after purchasing the toolkit?

After purchasing the Wealth Building Toolkit, there are no ongoing costs associated with its use.

The only investment you'll need to consider is in your portfolio, which will depend on how much money you want to allocate to achieve your financial goals.

The toolkit itself is a one-time investment, providing all the necessary resources and strategies without any additional fees.

How does the toolkit handle market volatility?

The toolkit addresses market volatility by focusing on evergreen strategies that are effective regardless of market conditions.

These include optimizing your taxes, diversifying your portfolio wisely, and learning from the strategies of the world's most successful investors.

These principles remain relevant and valuable in any market scenario, helping you to navigate through periods of volatility and maintain a robust investment approach.

How does the toolkit stay updated with new investment trends?

The Wealth Building Toolkit ensures that you stay informed and up-to-date with the latest market trends and effective strategies.

This is achieved through weekly updates sent directly to you, which include information on current market trends and relevant strategies that are effective in today's financial climate.

These updates ensure that, regardless of market fluctuations, you receive timely and pertinent information to help you navigate and adapt to the current market circumstances.

How secure is my personal and financial information when using the toolkit?

The security of your personal and financial information is a top priority when using the Wealth Building Toolkit.

Stringent security measures are in place to ensure that all your data is protected.

This includes advanced encryption technologies and secure servers to safeguard your information from unauthorized access.

The toolkit is designed with your privacy and security in mind, so you can use it with confidence, knowing that your sensitive information is well-protected.

The document provided is for informational and educational purposes only and is not financial, investment, tax, legal, or professional advice. The content reflects the author(s)' views based on their experience, not personalized recommendations. Results and figures mentioned are not typical and are no guarantee of future earnings. Your results may vary and depend on your efforts and circumstances. All business ventures entail risk. Information is provided "as is" without any guarantees. Reliance on this material is at your own risk. The document is not an offer or solicitation for investment or financial products. The author(s) and publisher are not liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of this content. Always consult with a qualified professional before making financial decisions. Market conditions and laws change, and individual circumstances vary.

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